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July 26 - 30, 2004
Karlsruhe, Germany


SCES '04 will follow the series of the conferences, e. g. in Paris (1998), Nagano (1999), Ann Arbor (2001), and Krakow (2002).

SCES symposia were held at the International Conference on Magnetism in Recife (2000) and Rome (2003).

SCES '04 will cover traditional subjects such as f-electron compounds and heavy fermion systems, as well as other strongly correlated electron systems and new types of superconductivity arising from electron correlations.

The objective of the conference is not only to provide a forum for discussion of new results but also to introduce these subjects to young researchers.

Presentations will consist of plenary talks (40 min), invited talks (30 min) and contributed talks (20 min) and there will also be poster sessions.


 Tentative List of Topics 

  • Heavy fermion and other intermetallic f-electron compounds
  • Non-Fermi liquid behavior
  • Quantum phase transitions and quantum liquids
  • Kondo impurity and Kondo lattice systems
  • Systems with orbital degrees of freedom (manganites)
  • Superconductivity and its coexistence with magnetism
  • Exotic superconductors
  • Mott-Hubbard systems
  • Correlated quantum dots and other mesoscopic systems, Hall liquids
  • Experimental techniques
  • New materials


 Supporters of SCES '04 


SCES '04 is supported by Universität Karlsruhe, Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe, DFG, EPS, DPG, ESFHomepage of European Science FoundationHomepage of Deutsche Physikalische GesellschaftHomepage of European Physical SocietyHomepage of Deutsche ForschungsgemeinschaftHomepage of Forschungszentrum KarlsruheHomepage of Universitšt Karlsruhe



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